Behind the Scenes: Fargo

One of the projects I had the pleasure to work on recently was a studio session for the new television series Fargo on FX Networks. This was my first studio session for a television show, and it was a really fun (and slightly surreal) experience.

When I arrived at the studio, most of the score had already been previously recorded by the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra. Composer Jeff Russo wanted to add some Celtic harp parts to the score, which is haunting and elegant in its simplicity - perfect for the show! First, I watched the clip with just the dialogue (no sound), then we recorded and Jeff overlaid my part on top of the orchestra. The final touch was adding in sound effects: a radio announcer, a car braking, a door buzzer, and creaking stair steps.

Unfortunately I can't share the TV clip since it would be a violation of copyright, but you can hear some excerpts from the album (sans sound effects) here.