FAQ: Selecting Music for Weddings

What music is commonly chosen for the ceremony?

Choosing music for your wedding might seem like an overwhelming task. My job is to make it simple for you. Your ceremony music can be customized as much or as little as you want. You may choose to go the traditional route by selecting the famous wedding marches for your processional and recessional, or perhaps you'd rather select songs that are unique and personal to you in some way. Please take a look at my Ceremony Music List & Repertoire List for song suggestions & ideas.

Do you only play during the processional and recessional?

No. I also play prelude and postlude music, and sometimes music during the ceremony as well. Here's a brief guide to the four musical interludes during the ceremony:

  • The Prelude: 20-30 minutes of background music as the guests are arriving and being seated
  • The Processional: typically includes a song for family members (usually the mothers of the bride & groom), a song for the attendants (bridesmaids, flower girl, and ringbearer), and finally a song for the bride's entrance
  • The Recessional: a song played as the wedding party exits
  • The Postlude: background music until all guests have exited and the ceremony is concluded

In addition, you may choose to include music for a Unity Ceremony:

  • Lighting of the Unity Candle
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Wine Ceremony
  • Reading
  • Offertory
  • Communion
  • Chancel Solo
  • Etc...

Can I hear a sample of each song before I decide?

Yes. You can listen to excerpts of me playing on my Audio Samples page. You can also email me to request a "Wedding Sampler" CD (please be sure to include your mailing address). If you would like to hear specific pieces in person and are available to meet with me, we can also schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the music.

What about music for the cocktail hour and/or reception?

I play a variety of different genres & styles, including classical, pop, jazz, folk, world, sacred music and sometimes even rock. You can choose from any songs on my Repertoire List, which includes many of the most often requested "classics" and "standards" that I am asked to play at events.

If you are specifically looking for an arrangement of a top 40 hit or other current pop song, please ask me if it can be arranged for the harp. Just to give you some ideas, I have recently arranged songs by such diverse artists as: Taylor Swift, Alison Krauss, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Train, and Metallica. 

Do you take special requests?

Yes. Special requests - any songs that I do not already know - must be made no less than one month before the date of the wedding. 

I have a very large collection of sheet music that is not listed on my repertoire list, so I may even have already arranged your song for another event! Please keep in mind that occasionally I receive requests for music that is unplayable on the harp. Should this occur, I reserve the right to arrange the music in order to better suit the instrument or to substitute a different piece after notifying the client. 

The first two specially requested songs are included with the price of my wedding packages (i.e., you may request one song for the processional and another for the recessional at no additional charge). For more than two songs, I charge a $30 arranging fee per song to cover the extra time I spend preparing the music.