FAQ: Hiring a Musician

What should I know about hiring a live musician?

Live acoustic music provides a warm and rich sound, and is the perfect accompaniment to your event. Unlike an iPod, you'll never have to worry about cueing the music or skipping tracks. If you are thinking of hiring a musician, you should always ask if you can hear them play in person before booking. You'll want to make sure they sound the same in person as they do on a recording or website. An experienced musician should be able to easily arrange or modify music for your specific event, as well as improvise on the spot if necessary to cover any unexpected occurrences.

What should I know about hiring a harpist, specifically?

Before hiring a harpist, ask what type of harp they play. There are two main types of harps: concert harps and folk harps. Most people expect to see a full-sized, concert grand harp played at events (this is the same harp used by orchestras). This harp is extremely versatile, and lends itself well to a wide variety of musical styles: classical, pop, jazz, rock, folk, etc.

I will automatically assume, unless you specify otherwise, that you would like me to play on a concert grand harp. I also play the folk harp, and can bring that instrument instead if requested. However, this harp is much smaller and not as versatile (although it is perfect for Celtic-themed events).

Why should I hire you?

It is absolutely true that no wedding or event is ever alike - but I have the expertise and experience to deal with a variety of situations as they arise. In addition to over 18 years of live performance, my professional credentials include a Masters degree in Harp Performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, one of the top music conservatories in the country. 

I also have a 100% success rate of being booked on the spot for weddings and events by clients who have met with me in person to hear me play. 
This is of course one reason why I encourage my clients to come hear me play live before booking... but mostly I like the chance to get to know you one-on-one and hopefully provide some temporary stress relief during your wedding or event planning!

What types of wedding ceremonies have you played for?

All types. In the past, I have played for the following:

  • Catholic Weddings (with and without full mass)
  • Protestant Weddings
  • Jewish Weddings
  • Non-Denominational Weddings
  • LGBT Commitment Ceremonies & Weddings
  • Vow Renewals

I also work with couples who have chosen to combine their cultural, religious, and/or ethnic heritage & traditions to create their own unique wedding ceremony.